A downloadable game for Windows

Your classic brick breaker game, in VR, and with a second bat because you most likely have two hands.

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Gameplay variations

You'll find that some levels offer various degree of freedom to your bats, and to bricks.
Sometimes you'll be able to rotate the bat, sometimes bricks are going to fall into place, or to move across the board.
The demo show at least once each of these.

Bonus / Malus

A lot of them are going to move toward you, more than you can handle.
While they seems to appear randomly, they're specific to the level and are the key to a good score.


Balls are accelerating constantly, allowing you to destroy everything at high speed, this won't end well :D


With 9 different bricks so far, you'll want to aim right at some of them.


Levels are timed, your goal is not to destroy everything, but to break most of the level before time runs out.


The score take a lot of thing into account, so you'll always have a way to improve. 
Each level have a high score made by me, break'em all.


destroyer-of-bricks-windows-beta.zip 421 MB
Version 6 Jul 07, 2017

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